Mattress Shop Carefully to Protect Health, Finances and the Environment

Mattresses are one of the most important health investments people make. The importance of sleep is well documented and the lack of sleep puts people at risk for many health complications. Insufficient slumber increases the chance of obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Tiredness causes distracted driving, reduces cognitive abilities and can lead to depression. A new mattress is not enough. People must be certain they purchase one that will contribute to their good health and not become another health risk.

Exposed to Toxins

The average person spends about 8-9 hours in bed every day. During that time, they are exposed to any chemicals used in the manufacture of the bed as well as any toxins used to create the materials themselves. Synthetic materials emit a variety of chemicals. The cotton in a bed may have been grown with pesticides. The entire mattress may have been coated to make it fire resistant. The toxins are breathed in and absorbed through the skin while in the bed.

Unable to Relax

A cheap mattress that lacks proper support is a wasted investment. The quality of sleep relies on the comfort of the bed. A good mattress should enable the sleeper to wake in the morning without body pain and feeling refreshed. Low-quality beds place stress on pressure points and force people to wake repeatedly. The repeated interruptions prevent the deep, restorative sleep they require. The firmness is an individual preference, but the quality is something everyone needs.

Harm the Environment

Humans cannot thrive without a healthy planet. Mattresses are a contributor to pollution and the use of a lot of resources. Approximately 35 million mattresses are sold in the United States each year. The average mattress can contain up to 2,000 linear feet of steel in its springs in addition to the pounds of material used in the construction of the topper, padding and cover. Sustainable mattresses that use natural, organic materials reduce the impact on the environment.

Mattress shopping must involve more than just a look at the price tag. Shoppers should choose safe materials that will be better for their health and the environment and seek out high-quality brands that last longer. The added effort allows people to be healthier, sleep better and protect their wallet and their planet at the same time. Before any shopping trip begins, get more information about the brands available today.